Should You Be Working with a Writer’s Virtual Assistant?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy I looked at my to-do list and sighed. It was late, and still, a long roll of undone tasks waited to be finished. I shook...

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Should You Use Alpha and Beta Readers?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy I rechecked my email box—still no message from my Alpha reader. I sent the manuscript’s last chapter several hours ago and can’t wait to hear...

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Have Writer’s Block? Here are Some Quick Tips & Tricks

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy Writers often complain about overcoming writer’s block. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what they mean–the reasons can be varied. Is it the fear...

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Should You GO Wide or Stick with Kindle Unlimited?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy You have a book you will soon publish: will you go wide or stay with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program? In the last few years, Amazon...

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De-Constructing the Self Editing Process

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy It took ten months to write the rough draft of my latest memoir. With the final touches finished, I wrapped up the last chapter with...

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The Power of Creating a Writing WorkFlow

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy For as long as I can remember, daily workflows and efficiencies have fascinated me. If I’m going to the store, for example, I ask myself...

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