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Ashley Shannon

Show Host

Ashley Shannon is a thirty something Queer single mother and writer. She writes YA fiction and blogs regularly on relationships, parenting, special needs education, mental health, and 

As a virtual assistant, Ashley has helped authors, both fiction and non fiction, reach their goal of being a successful indie authors. Now, it is her in the driver seat, trying to make her own dreams of self publishing come true. 

Currently, she is in the middle of publishing a twenty-part episodic serial about a group of teens that get trapped in detention just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out. The first book in the series was released in December of 2020.

Show Co-Host

A psychologist, writer, author, and blogger, Kerry is an expert on dating, cultivating healthy relationships, deconstructing narcissism, and understanding various other mental health-related issues.

She writes long and short pieces, creative nonfiction, fiction, and personal essays. She’s self-published four short reads.

Currently, she is in the final stages of releasing a novel based on a true story, which explores the devastating impacts of deceit and betrayal, is due out mid-2021.

About Our Podcast

Self-publishing has become mainstream. More people are interested in sharing their stories, ideas, and work. This can be a daunting task. Where does the process begin?

Co-hosts, Ashley Shannon and Kerry, are no strangers to the world of publishing. Each has years of experience as authors and writers. They have been featured in:

  • Medium
  • The Good Men Project
  • Scary Mommy
  • Mammamia
  • News Break

Each week they will share from their writing experiences on how to build your author platform, connect with your audience, write and prepare your book for publication, and plan a successful book launch.

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