Should You Be Working with a Writer’s Virtual Assistant?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy

I looked at my to-do list and sighed. It was late, and still, a long roll of undone tasks waited to be finished. I shook my head, knowing there was no way I could complete them all today. Well, these items will have to wait until tomorrow, I told myself– a comforting lie. The truth was I needed help. Was it time to hire a virtual assistant?

For most writers, the amount of work it takes to create and maintain an author brand is nearly impossible to manage. Yet, all of this is necessary if we want to get ahead in today’s competitive publishing market. We need an active social media presence. 

In addition to finishing my memoir, I also create daily social media posts, answer emails, write blog articles, tape video stories, reels, and clips, host Clubhouse rooms, send out regular newsletters, and the list goes on. 

Whew! And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few tasks. 

Right now, audience engagement is critical to launching a successful book. Each of us needs to find our readers and connect with them–daily, if possible. But all of that takes time and work. And that is in addition to doing all things that go with writing a book. 

If you find yourself struggling with sleepless nights, an aching tense jaw, and sore shoulder muscles, like me, then it’s time to hire a virtual assistant. 

Virtual assistants can be a writer’s best friend. This person can help write social media posts, prepare newsletters, edit videos, and handle other assortments of mundane tasks freeing you up to do what you need to do, which is to write. 

In this week’s podcast, Ashley and I explore the hows and whys of hiring a virtual assistant. This topic is very near and dear to Ashley’s heart since she’s worked as one for several high-profile indie authors. 

I hope you will give this week’s podcast a listen to learn more about hiring an assistant. It includes a discussion on how to find one, what to expect to pay, and what are reasonable job responsibilities. Be sure to download your copy of this week’s handout, “Is It Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant?” so you can hone in on what tasks you need help with the most. 

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