Month: April 2021

Should You Be Working with a Writer’s Virtual Assistant?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy I looked at my to-do list and sighed. It was late, and still, a long roll of undone tasks waited to be finished. I shook my head, knowing there was no way I could complete them all today. Well, these items will have to wait until tomorrow, I told myself– a comforting…

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Should You Use Alpha and Beta Readers?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy I rechecked my email box—still no message from my Alpha reader. I sent the manuscript’s last chapter several hours ago and can’t wait to hear her thoughts. I’ve never used an Alpha reader before, although I’d heard others mention the benefits. It’s been tricky to find the right person until recently….

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Have Writer’s Block? Here are Some Quick Tips & Tricks

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy Writers often complain about overcoming writer’s block. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what they mean–the reasons can be varied. Is it the fear of the blank page? Does the white computer screen with the blinking cursor terrorize them? Or have they hit an insolvable plot conundrum?  Maybe they are…

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Should You GO Wide or Stick with Kindle Unlimited?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy You have a book you will soon publish: will you go wide or stay with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program? In the last few years, Amazon has made it easy to publish ebooks. All of this isn’t surprising since they introduced the Kindle and forever changed the publishing landscape. The digital market…

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