Month: March 2021

De-Constructing the Self Editing Process

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy It took ten months to write the rough draft of my latest memoir. With the final touches finished, I wrapped up the last chapter with a sigh of relief. The first of several hurdles in telling my story was done.  But before the self-edits could begin, I needed a break. The…

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The Power of Creating a Writing WorkFlow

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy For as long as I can remember, daily workflows and efficiencies have fascinated me. If I’m going to the store, for example, I ask myself what else I could accomplish while in that area of town. I combine tasks and trips to save me valuable time and money.  I do the…

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Using Enneagram Types to Sketch Fictional Characters

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy This week we interviewed author and podcaster Claire Taylor. She has written over 30 books, including the Jessica Christ Series.  She shared with us a creative technique she uses to sketch a 3-dimensional cast of characters. Enneagram has been in use for over a thousand years to understand what drives human nature. The…

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Facing the Reality of Writing a Rough Draft

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy Okay, it’s common knowledge that the rough draft is supposed to be bad. We are told to write the “shittiest” one possible. The most important thing is to finish it. To let the words flow out onto the page or computer screen without too much censorship. That’s easier said than done….

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As a Writer, Should You be on TikTok?

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy I discovered TikTok almost a year ago. The lip-syncing and cute dances were funny. I’d look up and realize I’d lost an hour watching silly clips.  Could I see myself as a writer on TikTok? No way. The translation from writing to video didn’t make sense. What would I be selling? …

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