Month: February 2021

Want to Create Believable Fictional Characters?

Start with a Psychological Profile by Kerry Kerr McAvoy Each Friday, my family has a tradition. Two of my adult sons visit for what I call our weekly dinner and a movie. Choosing what we will watch next has become quite the process. My youngest is a cinephile; the show must be well made. We will…

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Why Writers Need Multiple Streams of Income

It’s more important than it seems by Ashley Shannon Growing up, there were a few key phrases that my mom used to teach us lessons. I don’t know she thought it was easier to hear lessons in the form of idioms that made them easier to remember or learn, but whatever the reason, she had…

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The Importance of Writing Topics & Writing about What You Know

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy When coaching a new writer, one of the first things I want to hear is their marketing plan, which includes their five key writing topics. Whether they know this, these subjects will be their brand or author theme. Most look puzzled. “What do you mean?” they ask. “What five general topics…

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Do You Want to Know the Secret to Being a Better Writer? Join a Writers’ Community!

by Kerry Kerr McAvoy Before I can sit down to write, I have to clean off the counters, make the bed, and do the dishes. For some reason, I can’t write in a cluttered house. Maybe that was the idea behind the quote, “a messy house equals a messy mind.” All I know is that…

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